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Our mission is to provide a home to person or family that has suffered from a spinal cord injury (wheelchair). Strategically aligning our business with the same vision. Together we would increase awareness for those suffering from spinal cord injuries and further the support for the foundation through various channels of donations.

The team has been involved in over 3,000 real estate transactions in 46 states. We specialize in buying, rehabbing, selling, managing, and educating real estate investment companies. We provide housing, management, and assistance to those in a wheelchair (ADA Compliant) across the United States.

Learn a little about our team:

  • Chad and Brad
    Chad and Brad
  • Dustin Shillcox
    Dustin Shillcox
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Chad and Brad

Chad McCall

Nationally recognized Speakers, Authors, Investors, and Educators. Have been investing for 15 years across the United States. Completed over 2,600 real estate transactions.

Our real estate business is involved in 43 states across the country. Within these markets our team will buy, sell. manage, renovate, and/or lend on single family residences that go through our company filtering process. We are actively doing renovation projects in 10 markets and acquisitions in all areas. Our inventory of wholesale properties can range $10k-$500k.

Currently Seeking:

— Single/Multifamily investment properties
— Wholesale single family property
— Sellers who need a quick sale, with or without home equity
— Reverse Mortgage homes
— Negative Equity homes
— Buyers Needing Down Payment Assistance

Brad Quintana

Nationally recognized Speakers, Authors, Investors, and Educators. Have been investing for 15 years across the United States. Completed over 2,600 real estate transactions.

After 10 years of watching, hearing, and helping other companies, the founders Brad Quintana and Chad McCall, reached out to the nations top wealth advisors to join a crusade to help better an economy that is in great need. They founded the “Your Life Of Wealth” concept making individuals think of their life first. The founders wanted to take away fear, luck, and chance by bringing everything you will need to expand or better your life. Think about it? It is your life, and no one is going to care about it more than you. The industry has become so competitive with seminars and materials that many of the best ideas and concepts are being overlooked. That will not happen now.

The Creative Wealth Academy is the driving force that implements the Y.L.O.W (Your Life Of Wealth) concept. This committee serves its clients to the highest level and has 100% Warranty for all of its alumni. The team has over 100 Best Selling books and thousands of hours of audio and video that they are wanting to share with our clients. People spend thousands of dollars on courses and materials to only find they may be missing a vital piece of material, that will force them to buy another course to fill the gap. Your Life of Wealth is powered by The Creative Wealth Academy, and the philosophy is “We will fill all of your educational gaps and focus on application until you no longer need us.”

Dustin Shillcox

Dustin’s life changed when he was in a car accident August 2010 and sustained major spinal cord damage, a broken upper arm, collapsed lungs, broken ribs, cracked sternum & mild brain injury.

Dustin has a T-5 complete spinal cord injury (SCI) which means he has no feeling below his mid-chest. He was told he would never move below his waist again but after being part of a SCI research project at the University of Kentucky in Louisville he is able to move his legs and stand.

Through his adversity, he was able to find a silver lining, in which he is striving to help not only bring awareness to spinal cord injuries, but to motivate the lives of people who have been through traumatic events.

He does motivational speaking and raises money for spinal cord research and helps to improve lives for people in wheelchairs through the Dustin Shillcox Foundation.